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The Story of Jamdani's Revival
Jamdani is one of the oldest, most priceless handmade fabric to be of great demand across the world from Bengal to China to Turkey
to Italy from ages ago.  

Jamdani is a very unique form of weaving; as intricate designs are embroidered into the fabric while the fabric is being woven. It is a
simultaneous arduous process. Jamdani motifs and colorful patterns were revered and traded in thriving civilizations appreciating art
and culture thousands of years ago.

This remarkable piece of ancient knowledge and expertise was almost lost completely until one female entrepreneur stood up and
took ground.

Monira Emdad, owner of Tangail Saree Kutir (parent company of Afera Designs) started the first retail store selling solely Bangladeshi
local sarees.

Monira Emdad, started her modest mission in a small tin shed store over three decades ago. She used public bus transportation to
visit her weavers in
rural poor villages of Bangladesh. Today over 15000 weavers are under her patronage. They call her by a special
name "Dhedee Moni" which means "beloved sister of our heart".

Due to her dedication and perseverance
Jamdani was again revived and brought back to us from almost extinction.

Today only Bangladeshi weavers have managed to retain this ancient weaving knowledge, which was passed down from weaver to
weaver.  Some of our weavers have come from over a 100 generation of weavers.

We invite you to see and feel these spectacular pieces of fabric containing a wealth of history from eons ago. Owning Jamdani allows
you to own a true masterpiece of time from a past long forgotten.
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