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Afera Designs can manufacture fabric patterns to meet your desires and needs.  Your Jamdani fabric can be customized using cotton, silk,
vegetable dyed yarn, and combinations of real gold/silver/precious metal yarn.  Afera Designs specializes in offering Jamdani fabrics in
over a hundred traditional designs and a wide array of modern patterns.  These elaborate and ornate pieces are truly a masterpiece of
exotic breathtaking beauty.

Visit our catalog to find your favorite Jamdani patterns and designs.

Jamdani is a delicate, environmentally-friendly Bengali fabric woven with hand and foot-run tools. Jamdani is crafted using an ancient
Bengali cloth making technique which dates back to 4th century A.D.  The art of Jamdani weaving has been passed on from one weaver to
another over centuries. As one of the oldest forms of cottage industries in Bangladesh, Jamdani is 100 % environment friendly, very
versatile and most elaborate product of the Bangladesh looms.  Jamdani weaving is like tapestry work, where small shuttles of colored,
gold or silver thread are passed through the weft.

Vegetable / Natural Dyes

Afera Designs is committed to training artisans to use eco-friendly vegetable dyes for dying yarn and fabric. Vegetable dyes are created
using organic ingredients such as indigo, pomegranate, rhubarb, sandalwood, yarrow, tea leaves, and other organic ingredients.
Vegetable dye is nature-friendly, community-friendly, and helps sustain employment in Bangladesh. What is taken from the earth is again
returned to the earth in a 100% biodegradable form.  These fabrics wash clean during production and in your home: No harmful chemicals
will go down the drain into mother earth.

Hand block printing using natural dyes is in the forefront of the fashion scene today. In ancient times, printed woven cloth was transported
from Bangladesh to Europe, Indonesia, and the Far East.  This ancient craft has seen a major revival over the past two decades and has
received global recognition.   Batik which is another style of hand block printing is a cost effective and artistic way to customize your home
in trendy decor.

Weaver's Hardship

Bangladesh is a densely populated, developing nation plagued with frequent cyclones and floods.  Many of Afera Designs'
weavers/artisans operate modest family based/owned businesses which produce Jamdani and Vegetable Dyed fabric.  Their production
process is based on local raw materials, inherited artistic skills, and simple indigenous technology.  Hardship exist among Jamdani
weavers, whose wages are driven down by competition from machine-made products.

New apprentices of weavers are attracted to machine automated, mass garments production; instead of traditional hand-weaving
Jamdani. We hope, with your patronage we will assist in sustaining these amazing, ancient and earth friendly practices from being lost
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