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Hand Made Bedding
Afera Designs offers hand made, sustainable home decor and fashion wear.  
Our collections are designed for those who seek artistic elegance and
understated luxury.  We specialize in showcasing luxurious home linens from
handmade fabrics such as hand embroidered
Jamdani and natural dyed
Afera Designs is a woman owned and operated company that strives to
showcase hand made designs by female artisans and weavers.  We give special
emphasis to special interest female artisan groups who have been abused or
ostracized.  We conscientiously dedicate ourselves to charity welfare programs
while continuing to advocate
Fair Trade practices.  We believe in championing
weaver and artisan groups who are hardship inflicted.

Jamdani Revival

Jamdani  is an age-old, almost lost weaving art from hundreds of years back.
From historical trading records, it can be traced back to the 4th century A.D.
Some of our weavers have come from over a 100 generation of weavers.
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Weaver's Hardship

Bangladesh is a densely populated, developing nation plagued with frequent
cyclones and floods.  Many of Afera Designs' weavers/artisans operate modest
family based/owned businesses.
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Vegetable / Natural Dyes

Vegetable dyes are created using organic ingredients such as indigo,
pomegranate, and other organic ingredients. Vegetable Dyes are
nature-friendly, community-friendly, and helps sustain employment in
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